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  • Step 1 - Import your presentation

    Step 2 - Record video narration

    Step 3 - Share your video


    Resize and drag-and-drop your video box as you move

    from slide to slide


    Circle, underline, write or draw with your fingertip as you

    record. It's fun and easy!


    Step 1 - Import Your Powerpoint, PDF or Keynote Presentation

    Komodo is fully integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Onedrive


    Step 2 - Narrate your slides as if you were presenting live

    Click the Record Button Begin. Move from slide to slide as you record using the arrow buttons


    Step 3 - Share your video Presentation privately or publicly

    Your presentation is now a personalized video, ready to share with colleagues,

    customers, students or friends!

    Just share a link. The Komodo Decks app is not required to watch your presentation.

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    December 9, 2017
    Have you downloaded Komodo Slides from the App Store yet? When you do you'll find that Komodo is the fastest, easiest, most powerful way to create informational videos. Transform your presentations with video commentary.
  • Komodo Use cases

    Master Your Presentation - rehearse your presentation and get feedback from friends and colleagues

    Performance Training - Review your team’s live presentations to improve performance

    Document Review - Recommend edits for your team’s presentations faster and communicate changes more effectively

    Customer Engagement - Update your customers on new products and services using personalized video, not boring documents

    Sales Enablement – Send short, highly personalized videos to prospects walking them through your product offering

    Education for Teachers – Teachers prepare short video lessons on any subject

    Education for Students – Students practice their presentation skills using video alongside written materials

    Video Resumes – Apply for that job with a short video that narrates your resume for deeper, highly personalized engagement

    Photography – Describe your images and the process of creation with video or just audio narration


    Real-Estate – Sell that home with personalized video narration as you walk prospective buyers through images of the property

    Business Videos – Create business videos for LinkShare and LinkedIn using your regular powerpoint deck or PDF

    TED Talk – Master your TED talk using your actual presentation slides

    YouTube Informational Videos – Create educational and fun videos for your YouTube channel using just your mobile app

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